⛽ City of Zion Refill Station

Free GAS and NEO

Please fill the form below to request Neo and Gas for your test development purposes on the City of Zion testnet.

This is an address of a wallet on the City of Zion testnet.


  • Each request will be given 2000 Gas and 100 NEO
  • After requesting neo and gas, your address will not be able to request NEO and Gas for 50,000 blocks
  • I will not make a bunch of random addresses to get all the NEO and Gas
  • If I violate these guidelines, I will be wasting everyone's time.
  • I understand that I should really just set up my own private network.


Use the following json to connect to the City of Zion testnet. Download

  "ProtocolConfiguration": {
    "Magic": 1010102,
    "AddressVersion": 23,
    "StandbyValidators": [
    "SeedList": [
    "SystemFee": {
      "EnrollmentTransaction": 1000,
      "IssueTransaction": 500,
      "PublishTransaction": 500,
      "RegisterTransaction": 10000



The source of this page is available at https://github.com/CityOfZion/neo-faucet

Contributions to help make this not so ugly would be kindly appreciated.